Constituency Profile Report by Election Awaaz


Constituency Profile Report

Get the complete picture of your constituency to strategize the political picture up to village wise.

In this competitive Politics, how you will know the past election results in a broad segment where you can visualize and strategize yourself.

Election Trends in the Constituency

Constituency Info

You can get clear picture on the constituency on number of voters, polled votes and polling percentages.

Winning Candidate info

You can get Votes Earned, Earned votes percentage, Margin Gained, Margin Percentage.

Opposition’s Results

You can get Votes Earned by each opponent, Votes Percentage and the position of the opponent Candidate.

All Parties Performance in past Elections

You can get a clear graph on the participated parties and who won in the particular elections.

Demographic Wise – Party’s Performances

We provide you analyzed election results reports based on Demographics, which includes SC, ST, Literates, Illiterates etc.

Based on this you will get clear picture on parties performance according to each individual group.

Using this analyzed reports you will get an idea on which group you have to concentrate more.

Polling Percentages Vs Party’s Performances
You can compare party’s performance with polling percentages upto booth level, And take necessary steps to improve the party’s performance.

Booth Wise – Party Strength and Weak Areas
We provide you election results up to booth level, and you can know, number of booths which are in risk (less percentage), decent (average) and solid.
This analysis will give you an idea on which village/booth you have to pay more attention.

Cross Voting Report
You will get cross voting report upto booth level, based on this report you can easily identify cross voting between parties up to booth level.
This will tend you to analyze the reasons for cross voting in that regions and can take necessary action.

Mandal wise Election Trends
You will get voters share of each mandal in the constituency. You will also get Parties position in each mandal and can compare Party performance in previous elections.

Using this you can get an idea in which Mandal you have to pay more attention.
mandal wise election trends

Panchayat wise voting percentage
We provide you a report of panchayat wise polling share, this helps you to know which panchayat has high polling percentage and which has low polling percentage.
Using this you can prioritize the panchayat for your plan of action.

Panchayat wise different parties performance report.
You can get voting trends of different parties in each panchyat.
you can get a detailed report on the votes gained by a party, in all panchayats of a mandal, based on the position it has, in those panchayats,And votes share of those panchayats in mandal and constituency.

Party’s performance in local body elections.
We provide you the report on ZPTC, MPTC election results, based on this you can identify how your local body strength,And you can identify local leaders.