VOTER IDENTIFICATION Services by Election Awaaz

VOTER IDENTIFICATION Services by Election Awaaz in Your constituency
VOTER IDENTIFICATION Services by Election Awaaz in Your constituency


Because so much of the GOTV effort relies on having an accurate list of supporters well in advance of Election Day, it is important to know how you will identify supporters starting early in the campaign. You need to spend resources persuading your voters. However, if you only communicate with them, you are relying on them to go to the polls on their own. This can be a gamble that you need not take. You can increase your chances if you know who has been convinced and you have the ability to get them to the polls.

VOTER IDENTIFICATION Services in Your Constituency 

It is often possible to find out which candidate voters support just by asking them. People generally like to be asked their opinion and are willing to tell you what they are thinking. Develop a simple “1- 2-3” scale so that a confirmed supporter is labeled a “1,” an undecided voter is a “2,” and a supporter of an opponent is a “3.” As your campaign communicates with voters, try to judge their level of support. You will want to spend most of your resources on number “2” voters in your target audience.

Election Awaaz’s VOTER IDENTIFICATION Services for You

As you identify voters, you will want to have some method of keeping track of them and their levels of support. You can use a simple card file or even better, a computer database that you will be able to continuously update and sort the files to meet your needs. It is important that this database be as accurate as possible. Do not consider someone a supporter unless they have told you so directly. Often people will not want to offend you or argue with you if they have not made up their mind or actually support your opponent. For this reason, you may not want to bias them by telling them you are calling from the campaign.