Constituency Management

What it Involves?
Constituency Management helps a candidate to control the constituency and keeps the candidate aware about the activities in the constituency!

  • The political changes happening every day and their impact on your voters in the constituency.
  • Maintains the mandal-level leaders details for your constituency and track record of their activities.
  • Also maintains voter’s details from small thorp, segregated based on caste, literacy and other criteria.

What is it?
Team/Workers Management allows you to add and manage your workers effectively.
How? How? All the communication with your worker is made easy with these features.

  • Workers are updated on daily basis via SMS/email/call about the areas where the party need to concentrate more
  • You can assign work and demand solution from workers by auto calling where inn the worker thinks he is directly reporting to the candidate.
  • You can plan workers booth wise, for election planning as researches revel that 70% of the work is not done by the workers which is assigned to them.
  • You can analyze the workers strength in different areas also you can monitor their behavior.

What it Involve?
Constituency Management helps you in:

  • Awareness about the political changes happening every day and control their impact on your constituency.
  • Maintains the mandal-level leaders details and their relation to create good faith in the constituency.
  • Also maintains voter’s details from hamlet level, segregated based on caste, literacy and other criteria.

Problem Management feature assists you in tracking

  • Track Problems in constituency from house hold level to booth level and from booth level to ward level.
  • Maintains the problems based on geographical factor.
  • Quick way to know the Status of the problem and where it is residing because of the systematic tracking of activities by our tool.
  • Thus, it helps you to act and bring these problems to notice before media does. You can send updates to the public through SMS or Email on the steps you have taken and you are planning to take.

Maintaining Influential People/Groups Information and maintain relation with them.

  • Maintaining influential people groups information each village wise.
  • communicate your updates with them via IVR.
  • This increases repo in these influential people and groups

What it Provides?
Profile Management features

  • It enables you to share your views and publish your profile to everyone.
  • We will always update the work done by you and at the same time compare your work with those who have failed in doing so in past or in other areas.
  • We will maintain your photo and video galleries of your activities and events in your profile.
  • Also we will highlight the positive feedback which you will receive from people.