Easy to Use Mobile Based Political Secretary

Political Secretary

Advanced Map-Based Constituency Nurturing System

Mobile Based Apps Convenient Input & Retreving

(Voter Search, Surveys & Tracking Activities on the Google-Maps)

Now you can remain in touch with your Voters. Automatically send them a voice-message on their import days like Birthdays, may be, with a gift voucher like one movie-ticket, is going to create a deep connect and rapport with your voters. Further, voice-messages about festival wishes would make them realize that you are with them, always…!

In this Mobile-Based Constituency Nurturing System (CNS), you can create Party-Workers (PW) and assign them to certain Booths, Wards or some core-groups defined at constituency level.

Raising Requests (or Issues / Complaints / Feedbacks / Ideas)

The PW can create Requests (or Issues / Complaints / Feedbacks / Ideas) for certain area as allocated to this PW.

This helps the PW know their ‘Action’ & ‘Information’ items, and also offers a complete control over the status of activities within their umbrella of Controls.

Candidates can maintain their Activity Tracker and records of their visits and favors offered to different voters, booths and areas, which can be looked back and referred while visiting them at a later point in time. Candidate can press a button to message (SMS) his party-workers / volunteers / identified-voters, around that place on the Map (we know everyone on the Map). This would ensure ‘Local’ people accompanying the Candidate instead of unknown faces brought by the Candidate. ‘Local’ faces supporting the Candidate would encourage other Locals to join the support-base for even an unknown Candidate…! This is a quick-fix formula for a gaining a quick-acceptance…!

The Dashboard would offer a Booth-Level as well as whole Constituency-Level overview of Information and Action-Items.

Voter-Search & Surveys

Voters can be searched and localized instantly using a Google-map based sophisticated query system, without going back to the age-old approach of searching them in thick Booklets of Printouts. Once a voter/house is located in the voter-list, going to its neighborhood voters is as easy as scrolling the list. Each voter can be surveyed and the PW can collect vital information.

This is going to initiate an ever-lasting journey of relationship with the Voter, who is to be treated as the “Survey-Surva”, or, the center-point of attention in this political system. Now we can automatically, track Who Surveyed, Whom, Where, When, and on What Questions and analyze on Map, Graphs and Trends…! Since such a system is being released for the First-Time, that too through a Mobile platform, is going to not only improve the much-needed levels of Transparency, but is going to be the game-changer by creating a connected, participative and satisfied voter-base across the constituency…!

This Map-Based Voter-Survey System would Automate & Ensure:

  • Worker-Area Allocation
  • Complete Voter Coverage
  • Search Your Voter instantly
  • Time and Effort Optimization
  • Complete Monitoring & Tracking
  • No Data-Entry / Filling Form / Print-Out
  • Tight Coupling & Mapping at All the Levels
  • Workers would follow Walking-Lists (Voter-List)
  • Ensure to cover Every Door with Minimum efforts..!
  • Person independent, Effortless with zero Manipulations
  • No need to print Voter-Records and search a voter manually
  • Know the houses already covered by other worker of your area
  • Avoiding Duplicate visits, causing embarrassments at voters’ place
  • Create a sophisticated database of voter information for polling-day.
  • Create a Traceable Pracharak-Voter Mapping to call the Voter for Voting
  • Managers can View the progress on Map and invoke a Healthy Competition…
  • Complete Voters-Pracharak mapping overlaid on Maps with performance numbers.
  • Boosting the Morale of Workers as their contributions can be Tracked & Recognized at every level…

Traceability in Person, Space & Time is going to improve Party-Workers’ Accountability & Ownerships.

Improve their Visibility & Recognition in the Team, and prepare for a Bigger Success on a Larger Platform.

Define à Measure à Improve
Things need to be Defined, then only they can be Measured, and then only they can be Improved…!

Mobile-based Constituency Nurturing & Management System

The system is capable of transforming the Online Election Campaign for your Constituency.

This is a combination of

  • Mobile Application for
    • Embedded Voter-Lists on the Google-Map
    • Party-Surveys & Data-Collection
    • Controlled Messaging System in Tree-Based distributed Groups
    • Distributed Management, Utilization & Tracking of Worker-Activities
    • Reporting & Analytics on Google-Maps
    • Top-View Dashboard with Reports & Analytics
  • Web-Application for
  • Overall Admin Control & Management
  • Detailed Analytics