Election Awaaz’s Tips to PERSUADE TARGET VOTERS

Election Awaaz's Tips to PERSUADE TARGET VOTERS


Most of your campaign effort will go toward persuading your target voters that you are the best candidate and it is in their interest to go to the polls and vote for you. Everything you have done up to this point – all the research, setting the goal, targeting the audience and developing a persuasive message – has brought you to this point. Now you need to decide what is the easiest way for you to communicate with this large group of people and convince them to vote for you. There is no point in having a great message if the voters do not know about it.

Election Awaaz’s Tips to PERSUADE TARGET VOTERS

People are often persuaded when they hear the same thing from many different sources. If they hear that you are a good candidate from a respected civic organization, meet the candidate going door to door, see some persuasive campaign literature, and read a favourable article in the newspaper, then they will more likely remember the candidate and more likely vote for that candidate. None of these contacts should be left to chance. A well-organized campaign will make sure that all of these contacts happen and that the same message is delivered each time so that the message reinforces itself each time.