News Monitoring Service

News Monitoring Service by Election Awaaz

Every News Paper, Covered
Every news whether its old or new is required for analyzing and monitoring day to day activities is necessary for a politician to keep an upper hand in the Political Arena.
Every news in print or electronic media about you or about your opposite member disappears in a short span of time but we keep this all available for you with details and graphical representations,
By just one Click.

Discover the Advantages
Categorization of News
With our hi-tech technology you can monitor the news category wise, impact level wise, importance wise etc.

Online Tool to Analyze and do SWOT Analysis
We will give you access to a special tool where you can analyze the news in depth by graphical representations views of people, impact of the news etc.

Update to Your Profile
All the news about you and your activities will be updated to your profile. The positive news will be made available to public access (visible to all) and Opposition party news and negative news about you will be made available to you only by keeping in private.

Email Alerts
Whether you are travelling or busy but news update about you and your opposition will be made available to you via email and if you want any of your worker to act, he will be intimated by just clicking on his name.