Voters Pulse – An Election Political Survey

Voters Pulse – An Election Political Survey

We are exclusively in to Political Arena and our team provides you with the accurate data, detailed analytical reports and methodologies to analyze your goals.

Our Survey’s

Voters mind is ever-changing on politicians and political parties, based on current political, social, local situations. Voter Pulse studies and analyzes their mind set!

Why Survey is required for a Politician / Party?

To strategize your activities, make progressive decisions in reaching peoples heart and gain a winning-edge.

Survey Execution Process

  • Confirming the objectives of the survey
  • Prepare, Review and Approval of Questionnaire
  • Preparation of sampling size, voters classification (based on demographics) for sampling
  • Execute field work and gather the information
  • Validate and analyze the collected data
  • Prepare a detailed Report and submit


  • Domain Understanding
  • Sampling Methodology
  • Execution Methodology
  • Verification Mechanism
  • Cost Effective

Discover the Advantages of Analytical Reports

Comparative Study
We do comparative study between the present strengths and weakness of the politician or political party and previous election results, according to geographic and demographics, which enables you to understand, whether you have moved to a positive or a negative phase.

Voters Preferences
You can understand the voter’s opinions on present and past governments, present representatives (M.P / M.L.A), which helps you to strategize for an election. You can understand the voter’s concerns, so that you can plan how to solve their problems or give promises to solve, which gains you voter’s trust.

Geographical Study
Instead of planning for the entire constituency, strategize your ideas, village wise. Analyze the places where you need to improve more and what chances you have for that.

Demographical Study
You get the voter preferences based on age groups, caste, gender, and location, you can plan in a better way to reach the groups.

Influenced Leaders:
It enables to identify influence local leaders, groups in each area wise.