Election Awaaz Provide A to Z Technical Electioneering Assistance


इलेक्शन वही जीतेगा जो लोगो के साथ रिस्ता बनाएगा

Our services are towards strengthening the roots of the democratic process by bringing in cost-effective and technically sound methods in electioneering. From the minute your inquiry arrives our client servicing managers will work tirelessly to provide you with exactly what you require. Our methodical and systematic planning approach, developed through our extensive research with concerned individuals will ensure that nothing is overlooked at the election technology services division of , ELECTION AWAAZ and you are provided with Better Solutions for a Better campaign to reach out to your voters for enhancing your WINNING chances.

With the TEAM’S years of experience of operating, organizing and making available the SOURCES, we understand that the services we provide are unique. Each client, each budget, each location and each solution offered is intrinsically different and as a result, wherever possible we tailor our response and our creative skills appropriately.

Ultimately most of the things we believe are possible….and our bespoke client servicing team in association with the graphics, operations, legal and research team can create whatever is required through the apt use of technology to take your rival’s breath away.

If you have the RESOURCES we have the SOURCES to give your campaign the technological edge so that you enter into the fray and contest with peace of mind, with a COST EFFECTIVE campaign, accountable utilization of resources to have a WINNING edge in your campaign by utilizing the services of ELECTION AWAAZ This is India’s first certified company in election technology services.

A div. of Awaaz India Media (P) Ltd. India’s first ISO 9001:2000 certified co. providing technical solutions for the election process. A Pioneer in on-demand Campaign & Election services

Election candidates of foreign countries campaign by outsourcing the campaign back up services to the election campaign companies who take up the entire responsibilities to provide electioneering services to the respective candidate.
With the boom in the field of media options & technology interaction between the leaders & voters has become the primary channel of communication.
Though the concept of election campaign companies has attained popularity in the Western Countries, it is a new concept in India & electionawaaz.com a wing of Awaaz India Media (P) Ltd is a pioneer in on-demand campaign & election services. Awaaz India Media (P) Ltd. is India’s first ISO 9001:2000 Certified Co. providing election technology relates services.
Awaaz India is one stop solution for all election-related services.

Awaaz India provides following services:

1. Campaign Material Services
2. Campaign Logistic Services
3. R&D Services
4. Consultancy Services

Our services will help to design, plan& execute the modalities of the campaign for the election candidates to WIN.

Benefits of engaging Election Awaaz


Hiring Awaaz India ensures that you have chosen winning campaign strategies.

ACCOUNTABILITY: Services of Awaaz India is accountable to the candidates
COST EFFECTIVE: The services of Awaaz India is cost-effective in relation to benefits you derive from it.

PROFESSIONAL APPROACH: Awaaz India approaches professionally to help in the election campaign for the candidates.
QUALITY: Awaaz India provides quality campaign & election services.
TIME SAVINGS: Hiring Awaaz India helps the candidates to save their valuable time.
REACH & VISIBILITY: Reach & visibility of candidates through Awaaz India lead them to achieve the goal to WIN the election.
BOOST UP TO LOOSER: Candidates who have lost the last election due to the ill-executed election campaign, Awaaz India provides them a platform for the effective campaign.
HELPFUL TIPS TO CANDIDATES: Awaaz India provides helpful tips to candidates viz. tips to improve speeches, style of speech delivery etc.
ELECTION TRENDS: Awaaz India will provide the trends and modes to the candidates of their respective constituencies through scientifically carried out surveys.
Election Awaaz – Peace of mind for the candidate
Election Awaaz – Total Solution for the candidate
Election Awaaz – More Time for mass contact with the candidate
Election Awaaz – Better executed campaign by better use of technology
Election Awaaz – A to Z of technical electioneering assistance.